Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Heeey ppls, this is really my first blog, so your gonna say oooh look how indeedly rubbish this is. But meh, i tried.

Going Germany tomorrow, don't really know what to expect, so im taking loads of my 'equipment'. Soo yeah, 

DO THEY SELL MONSTER IN GERMANY?! they better, or ill just have to insert their ' FUNF CENT' into there Grabella. or just get a major WATERMELON and just gently place it into the spleen, 

As you can see, I just make up completely random scenarios, and just add random nouns as I go along. This isn't too bad I hope, but I'll say now, thanks for google chrome spellcheck, i also love the way google isnt recognised by google spellcheck, well done there. 


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